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Lionel J Lewis – Consultant Solicitor

Lionel J Lewis – Consultant Solicitor

Lionel was formerly senior partner of Lionel J Lewis & Co. in Blackheath Village and the city firm Zeffertt Heard & Morley Lawson. He covers a wide spectrum of legal practice and claims his speciality is taking care of his clients.

Lionel’s legal training began immediately after leaving grammar school and was by way of five year articles with a West End family firm learning at Law School and on the job, qualifying in 1958. After working in the West End and the City he started his own practice and opened a branch in Blackheath Village in 1970. He worked there as a general practitioner for over 30 years and retired from full time practice following the small matter of a heart attack from which he feels happily recovered. He has since given the benefit of his experience to Beverley Morris & Co. Lionel is insistent that as solicitors we always remain trusted by clients and other solicitors alike. He likes also to think his bite is worse than his bark.

His range of interests include law, classical music (he runs musical lectures at Blackheath Concert Halls), history, learning French and keeping abreast of the news from France via the internet. He is too busy in retirement to play golf.

Contact Lionel by telephone on 020 8852 4433 or by email at

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