Option Agreements

An option agreement represents a contract between a landowner and a developer, granting the developer the chance (though not the obligation) to acquire land from the landowner within a specified timeframe.

Our specialist solicitors at Beverley Morris & Co. can advise landowners and developers on option agreements and other mechanisms to structure and secure a potential development.

Option agreements are one of the most common legally binding contracts between sellers and potential developers involving the disposal and acquisition of land. Option agreements allow a developer to purchase land from the landowner within a specific time frame for a set fee.

However, there are many potential pitfalls involved in option agreements, and accurate drafting of the relevant terms is crucial to avoid complications and challenges further down the line.

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How Our Local Option Agreements Solicitors Can Help

Whether you are buying or selling land or property, Beverley Morris & Co. Solicitors can assist with all the legalities of an option agreement. Our specialist option agreement solicitor is Richard Hutson, who has extensive experience in the field and can advise on all matters relating to option agreements.

Our option agreement services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing option agreements.
  • Negotiating contractual terms.
  • Overage provisions.
  • Planning.
  • Freehold and Leasehold properties.

If you want to discuss option agreements, please get in touch with Beverley Morris & Co. today. Our helpful and professional team of commercial property solicitors has experience in advising on the appropriate mechanisms to structure option agreements and will provide you with clear and sensible advice.

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Option agreements offer advantages to both buyers and sellers. If drafted correctly, they can allow landowners to reap the benefits of any subsequent land development. For buyers or commercial property developers, an option agreement increases business and portfolio planning flexibility.

Our skilled option agreement solicitors take the necessary care to ensure the option is structured to best suit your needs and accurately reflects the agreements between developer and landowner.

We will ensure everything is documented correctly to protect you and your interests.

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