Contested Probate

At Beverley Morris & Co., we understand how difficult losing someone can be, and if you believe there are issues regarding how your loved one’s estate is being handled, this can make it even harder. Even with a valid Will, disputes can arise throughout the process. Often, disputes are over the content of the Will, estate mismanagement or Will interpretation.

We can support you through the process of contesting a Will, carefully and competently. Our professional team work on a variety of issues when you contest a Will, including:

  • Challenging a Will.
  • Cases with Inheritance Act Claims for dependants not sufficiently provided for.
  • Trusts disputes.
  • Executor disputes.
  • Beneficiary disputes.
  • Proprietary Estoppel and Constructive Trust Claims.

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Grounds to Contest a Will

When contesting a Will, you may be able to act on a variety of grounds. These are all ‘legal reasons’, not just something you disagree with. Some of the most common reasons for contesting a Will include:

  • If there was a failure to comply with formalities, for example, if the Will was not signed in the presence of two witnesses or if both witnesses were not present at the time the Will was signed.
  • If you believe the individual did not have sufficient mental capacity when making their Will. This could mean they did not fully understand how their estate would be divided and who would benefit after their death.
  • Any undue influence, for example, if the individual writing the Will was pressured throughout the process. The writer must make all decisions about the outcome of their estate on their own.
  • If somebody was financially maintained by an individual at the time of their death, the person being financially supported may have the right to challenge the Will if it did not make adequate provisions for them.
  • If the Will does not make reasonable financial provision for a spouse, or a civil partner, or a person with whom the deceased was living with as if for the two years before death.
  • In any case, where it is believed that a Will was created illegitimately, either with a fraudulent signature or with fraudulent content.

There are other grounds under which it is possible to contest a Will. If you are unsure, please consult a reputable solicitor.

Contentious Probate Solicitor Blackheath 

At Beverley Morris & Co., our Blackheath-based team have extensive experience in Wills, Trusts and Inheritance disputes and regularly deal with a wide variety of issues. We act for beneficiaries, individuals, executors and trustees.

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