On the 6th of April 2022, no-fault divorce came into law in the UK under the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act. The new law removed the need for couples to assign blame for the breakdown of their marriage, a chance welcomed across the legal industry and by divorcing couples due to the new modern and progressive approach.

Previous divorce law meant that one spouse had to accept blame for the relationship breakdown and subsequent divorce. This would often lead to animosity and heightened issues between spouses at a time when emotions were already high.

With the new law, the need to place blame has been removed, meaning that it is possible to apply to the court for a divorce on the basis that the marriage has broken down irretrievably without attributing any fault.

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No-Fault Divorce Statistics

Since the introduction of new law, significant data has been collected. See more below:-

  • 22% of the 89123 divorce applications since 6/4/22 were made by joint parties.
  • HM Courts & Tribunals revealed that they received 3000 divorce applications in the week following the new law’s introduction (50% more than the previous weekly average).

There had been a decline in the divorce rate in the UK in previous years, so this should be considered when looking at the figures above.

Various reasons can be attributed to why the divorce rate dropped, including the fact that many couples choose to cohabit.

Solicitor for No-Fault Divorce

Although the new law makes the divorce process more straightforward, in most cases, it is still likely that the support of a legal professional will be required to ensure that everything is dealt with properly and professionally.

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