Father’s Day is celebrated in June in the UK. With this, we consider whether, as presumed by many, mothers are favoured over fathers in the eyes of the law. In short, the answer is no. The law, as set out in the Children Act 1989, gives parents equal rights.

What is the Children Act 1989?

The Children Act of 1989 was revolutionary for mothers, fathers and children alike. Before the Act was introduced, parents had ‘rights’; however, this notion was removed to make way for ‘parental responsibility’. Parental responsibility means that it is the responsibility of the parents to act in their child’s best interests. As a result, the law does not favour either parent but instead emphasises that the child’s welfare should be the primary consideration.

What is a Child Arrangements Order?

A Child Arrangements Order is a mandate that sets the living conditions, visitation and communication for a child, as well as the timetable for these engagements with particular individuals. Every Child Arrangements Order is tailored to the family’s distinctive situation and the child’s best interests. Therefore no ‘universal’ arrangement exists. Child Arrangements Orders are regulated under Section 8 of the Children Act 1989.  

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What is parental responsibility?

As outlined above, parental responsibility was introduced as a replacement for parental rights to ensure that the well-being and best interests of the child(ren) involved remain paramount. Overall, in circumstances where the court is involved, it will aim to ensure that the child has an ongoing relationship with both parents. Consequently, it is common to see shared care arrangements in many matters; however, the technicalities of this mean that there will be variations depending on the circumstances.

Every case pertaining to child law is unique, and many are complex due to the fact that several different parties may be involved including parents, legal guardians or social services. Therefore, seeking trustworthy, reliable and professional legal advice when organising a child’s affairs is essential.

In all cases, arrangements for children should be settled amicably to reduce or eliminate parental conflict.

Family mediation is an excellent option to reduce bitterness, stress and expenses. Mediation reduces costs and children will feel less overwhelmed as the family does not enter court.

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