Beverley Morris & Co.’s specialist Residential Property solicitors have introduced a new service known as a Title Check Report. It is intended to assist beneficiaries who have been left a property by someone who has died. 

What is a Title Check Report? 

A Title Check Report is a report produced by a solicitor for a reasonable fee to highlight information about a property that someone has inherited. It is designed to advise the beneficiary of any issues relating to the property of which they might otherwise be unaware.  

What is included in the Report? 

A Title Check Report will include various information about a property, such as the following: 

  1. Type of property ownership. Whether the property is leasehold or freehold and, if leasehold, who manages the property, what ground rent and service charges are payable and whether the lease needs to be extended. An executor of an estate has the right to apply for a lease extension within two years of the grant of probate being issued with a view to maximising the value of the property / ensuring that it remains saleable and mortgageable. 
  2. Planning regulations. Confirmation that the property complies with planning regulations. 
  3. Guarantees. The property may have the benefit of guarantees such as an NHBC guarantee or a timber and damp-proof treatment guarantee and there will be time limits for claiming under any such guarantees. 
  4. Covenants and restrictions. Whether the property is subject to any restrictions that could affect the beneficiary’s ability to enjoy the property such as being prohibited from altering the property or keeping pets or applying for a parking permit other than a disabled parking permit. 
  5. Boundaries. Clarification of the property’s boundaries and who is responsible for maintaining them. 
  6. Highways. Whether the property abuts an adopted road or whether the owner is responsible for paying any road charges. 
  7. Rights of way. Whether the property is subject to any rights of way such as a public footpath or a pathway used by neighbours.  
  8. Access. Whether there are any potential issues regarding access to the property. 
  9. Environmental issues. Whether there are any environmental concerns such as potential flood risk. 

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