Beverley Morris attended Blackheath High School from 1971 to 1974 and maintains a close relationship with the school. We are happy to display some of Blackheath High Junior School’s artwork and invite you to vote for your favourite picture in our office.

The winning artist will receive a voucher from Beverley Morris & Co.

They are all self-portraits made from Reception up to Year 6.

Each Junior, every year, creates a self-portrait in class or with the Art teachers, and these are filed and presented to the artist at the end of their time in school as a special keepsake.

The portraits are sketched freehand and created using various materials, often of the girls’ choice. Some girls choose to include a treasured item or draw their school uniform. They use mirrors and even IPad selfies for observation.

If you are passing our office, please come in and vote. It would be great to get as many people involved as possible!

Otherwise, you can vote by emailing

Good luck to everyone who entered.