The cost for a solicitor when making a Will varies, depending on various factors.

When making a Will, it is essential that you do not cut any corners. Homemade Wills are often invalid as the template provided is too simplistic. Very few estates are as straightforward as the online ‘do it yourself’ kits suggest. Therefore, in recent years there has been a definite and recognisable increase in the number of Wills contested in the UK.

Make a Will Solicitor

Your location, the size of your estate, and the solicitor you instruct will affect the amount you pay for a Will.

At Beverley Morris our fee for making a simple, straightforward Will is from £350 + vat for a single Will and from £550 + vat for mirror Wills. If you want to change or update your Will or your requirements are more complex we are happy to talk with you to discuss the likely costs depending on your specific requirements. Speak to our team today on 020 8852 4433.

Cost of making a Will with a Solicitor

It is not advisable to create or amend a Will without the guidance of a legal professional, as even though there is no legally set structure regarding how a Will should be formatted, a Will is not legally binding if it is not formally witnessed.

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If you want to create or amend your Will, it is essential to speak to a trusted solicitor to ensure that all of your wishes are catered for when you die.

If you are uncertain how your estate should be organised or want to speak to a trusted solicitor, please call 020 8852 4433 or email